Maximize Your Outdoor Experience with Canoes and Water Sport

Maximize Your Outdoor Experience with Canoes and Water Sport

Are you looking for an outdoor activity that will help you come into one with nature? Well, there is nothing better option than canoeing/kano. For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by the water and it is no wonder that canoeing and other water sports remain top among outdoor activities. In fact, the International Canoe Federation (IFC) reckons over 25 million Americans paddle in canoes and kayaks/kajakk.

Why Canoes and Water Sport

Whether you are vacationing or you want to enjoy your weekend in a serene environment, then canoes and water sport/tørrdrakter should be part of your plan. This fun activity not only allows you to watch wildlife and nature from a vantage point. It is a passive outdoor activity, which helps you unwind in a beautiful setting. Most canoeing locations are snugly hidden away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. This is a family sport that everyone can enjoy by chipping in on the paddle.

Brief Background on Canoes and Water Sport

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) explains that paddling dates back 6,000 years back. Traditionally, these vessels were used for transport and war and they were simple dugouts made from tree trunks. Canoeing reached its peak in the 20th century when new materials were invented. Today, you can choose different types of canoes made from aluminum, fiberglass and even canvas.

Types of Canoes and Water Sport

Now that you appreciate the rich heritage of canoeing, isn’t it time you learnt the options available for you? Of course, there are many sizes and designs of canoes but most specifications are given depending on the use to which the vessel is applied. Here are common models:

River tripping canoes: These are suited to handle rough river waters and they are symmetrical from end to end.

Recreational canoes: These are designed to carry one to three paddlers and they are designed for calm waters. They are best if you want to stay out on the water and unwind as you watch the surroundings.

Racing/sports canoe: They are perfect if you have a group of friends looking for fun. They are designed with performance in mind and they are narrower to optimize speed.

Expedition canoes: These are primed for long trips and they can take heavier loads. They are powered by more than one person and they are perfect for family getaways.
There are other designs to choose from but these are the most common. If you are looking for canoes and water sport fun, now you know which vessel to choose.

Hobbies And Canoeing